Identity and brand management.

Assume projects in the area of management, recognize the field of brands as work territory and incorporate the topic Identity into the institutional context. It is a context that observes the needs and deepening of understandings about their real characteristics and capacities, decisive factors the sustentation of the own identity.

In this way, companies and organizations are considered and read as Corporate Identities, where the results of their configuration and their organizational aspect, as well as their attitude, presence, and actualization, determine their name, discourse, and recognition.

Viewed as a key factor in the day to day business, an identity of influence noticeably without terms as an organization and view, communicated and interpretation. The fundamental rules for the development and sustainability of organizational identity in its strategic management.


Creation and personality. Design and brand interface.

Thinking, creating and codifying the translation of brand identity and values into the textual, visual, sound and verbal language to improve the dialogue between distinction and competition is another element necessary for the strategic construction of the brand.

Decodifying indices of the sign and language, the design is configured as a vector of innovation present in the productive activities of organizations. As a result of the research and development of products, goods, and services, it contributes to the construction and communication of the value proposition of brands, promoting experiences and translating the online and offline interface of organizational identities in their relationship with the market.


Competitiveness for brands.Values, relationship, and brand strategy.

Organizational identity values are considered as the merits achieved by the company, in the understanding and adoption of practices that demonstrate its essential purposes and competencies identified to the brand design. Brand management organizes and promotes the values of an organizational identity, recognizing them as desired and satisfied benefits in the performance and relationship between brand, value chain of goods and services, relationship channels and stakeholders.

Considering the adoption of the strategic positioning and its definitions for brand management as determining factors in the conduct of the competitive strategy, developing an identity project is also to recognize in the characteristics and organizational capacities decisive elements to the proposition and sustentation of the competitiveness of goods and services.


The term branding is commonly associated with brand management processes. Synonymous with asset management, branding establishes practices and actions oriented to strategic action in the field of organizational identities.

Branding operates in the relationship of brands with the market. This means elaborating and establishing relevance to the understanding of the real capabilities of the companies to which the brand exists in order to translate a coherent, recognizable, distinctive image capable of satisfying the expectation of productive activities and corporate discourses, as well as evidencing the performance of products, goods, and services the public of interest.

Its practice promotes the maintenance of the brand’s value in its dialogue with society, affirming its discourse and identity, providing growth and strengthening to the business. Therefore, carrying out the branding work is to promote the management of brand assets, making them noticeable in the dimensions of the corporation, goods, services, and experience.


Asset protection and brand values. Copyright and Industrial Property.

Working to strengthen brands is also to contribute to the management of intellectual property through the use of the law. It will be necessary to protect the assets developed by the strategic plan by assisting in the implementation of the concession of the right to use the industrial property asset (trademark, patent, industrial design) and copyrights fostering the performance of trademarks in the face of free competition practices.

Our work focused on the laws and regulations in force established as a methodology to identify, guide and advise the protection of the strategic assets of the brand.

Working to strengthen brands is also to worry about the management of intellectual property.


Methodology of attendance.

Through the formation of management groups that highlight members of the leading sectors of the companies involved, we carry out analysis, orientation, training, and advice for the necessary assistance to the demands of the projects.

Aligned with the activities of the organizations, we established for our service the Adhocratic structure to offer the possibility of creation, development and project management.

In this way, we provide services to companies and corporations, acting in a way coupled with existing bureaucracies or organizational models. Our project management is developed to incorporate assisted company members into our team of consultants, professional staff and service providers.

Our activities determine the organization of reference instruments for project management, such as indexes, forms, reports, analyzes, training contents, complementary texts, practical activities, exercises, classes, debates, meetings and decisions that equalize step by step of the shares.

We achieve results from the execution of a work with defined goals and deadlines, developed jointly and driven by the exchange of experiences in favor of a common goal, brand management.

Knowledge areas for the development of projects.

Adopt competitive strategies appropriate to the design of the brand. Guide the company’s actions in the relationship with its interested public. Establish a favorable speech to the activities of the organization. Developing language and design in favor of laws and regulations are some ways to realize the results of brand management. Below we relate our domain areas.

  • Competitive Strategy and Positioning.
  • Creation and definition of Value Proposition.
  • Naming: textual language, terms, and expressions.
  • Language: Signage, logotype, image and audiovisual of the brand.
  • Design. Interface.
  • The brand relationship in digital and physical channels.
  • Intellectual Property: Trademarks and patents, Copyright.
  • Brand Licensing.

With whom we collaborate:

  • Management and innovation sectors.
  • Corporate relationship.
  • Areas of marketing, research and product development (goods and services).

When to perform:

  • In stimulating innovation and competitiveness for products, goods, and services.
  • In the qualification and preparation of products for the domestic market, import or export.
  • In need of defining brand positioning.
  • In compliance with the norms and legislation for the protection of the brand and commercialization of products, goods, and services.
  • In need of improvement of the image and perception of brand values.
  • In the creation and development of new products (goods and services).
  • In the acquisition/merger of trademarks companies.


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List of projects/brands:

  • Agromundo – Shopping Agropecuário
  • AIX – Home Têxtil
  • Appschool
  • ARSOL – Arquitetura Sebastião Oliveira Lopes
  • Beth Paixão
  • Biaggi Migrante
  • Bludeni & Stockler Arquitetura
  • Cantus Cordis
  • Caprivama lácteos
  • Carlotta
  • Carta Consulta
  • Cinepiano – Tony Berchmans
  • Consae – Consultoria em Assuntos Educacionais
  • Costa Lombardi Steckelberg Arquitetura
  • COOPRAV – Cooperativa Agropecuária de Alfredo Vasconcelos
  • Cromic calçados
  • Dance & Concept
  • Dash Uniformes
  • Dialdori – Ativos cosméticos
  • Dito Italiano
  • Doce da Roça
  • Escolha Certa Seguros
  • Espetinho Gastrô
  • Faculdade FAPI
  • Faculdade IMES Mercosur
  • Faculdade São Lucas
  • Fátima Soares Cursos
  • FIH2 Festival
  • Frutano
  • Fundação Dom Cabral
  • Fundação Henrich Boll
  • Geneticenter
  • Gust Gastrô
  • Imagem – Serviços e Diagnóstico
  • Isabel Florêncio – Pesquisa e Curadoria Fotográfica
  • Isabella Nishioka
  • Istituto Biaggi
  • Jogos Indígenas do Brasil – O Jogo da Onça
  • KLUS
  • Laboratório Daibes Rachid
  • Ladriminas
  • Lica Vicenzi
  • Lili Café
  • Linha do Equador Virtual
  • Logos Educacional
  • Lopes Oftalmologia
  • Lopes Ortodontia
  • LTB – Lifetec do Brasil
  • Lucchesi Lighting Designer
  • Lugar e Espaço
  • MBA – Administração Acadêmica e Universitária
  • My Pet Wear
  • Néctar das Flores
  • Néctar da Canastra
  • Origem – Jogos e Objetos
  • Patrícia Valadão
  • Pedro Vianna
  • Poeira Produções
  • Prefeitura de Itabirito
  • Pró-lab
  • Promaster
  • Sala 15 – audioprodução
  • Serras da Mantiqueira
  • Sócrates ao Café
  • Takenet do Brasil
  • Tchoco
  • You Idiomas